Art Exhibition

Ellen Edit Watermark LighterApril 26 -May 15

Sala El Cachorro

Calle Procurador, Sevilla

March 2016

Back to the Studio

This month I returned to Genera Games headquarters in Seville to record the voices for one of their new iPhone applications. It’s always a joy to return to their base here…such fun and games with figures and toys everywhere!


On top of that, I was back in the recording studio laying down the vocals for a track on a British charity album due out later this year.

February 2016

Art Exhibition Preparation

Well what a month it has been…not a day seems to have passed in which I haven’t been covered in paint, in fact, I think I  got more on myself than on the canvas! In preparation for my upcoming solo exhibition, I’ve been squirreled away in the studio working my little socks off. Here is a tiny selection of what you can expect to see at my show.

To see more please visit my gallery at Deviantart:

Ellen Armstrong on Deviantart

January 2016

1The Lonely Whale Read Along

application for android

Ellen is delighted to be narrating this audiobook for android. It is a story close to her heart and a project she is proud to be a part of.

52 is a whale without a herd, without a family. Will he manage to find one? Inspired by the story of the whale who only broadcasts at 52Hz, The Lonely Whale is a heartwarming tale of how sometimes family is the one we make ourselves.

The Lonely Whale is now available at the Google Store here

January 2016

rockstar My Rockstar Girls

Party Rock Band

Now available for ios here

Ellen supplied the vocals for these rockstar girls. You can sing along with her on this app by Genera Games